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Air Locker Training is changing the game as we know it. Combining the anatomy of the human body and the science of altitude training, our new workout exercises based on ‘Focus Through Fatigue’ (FTF), deliver scientifically proven workouts in a simulated altitude environment. Through a variety of 40-60 minute training sessions, Air Locker Training’s exercises are tailored and guarantee up to 30% greater results than a conventional workout.

As a studio owner, your franchise will be supported by:

  • Industry-exclusive machinery | Each studio has a custom designed, engineered and manufactured altitude unit, exclusively produced for Air Locker Training franchises.
  • Technology | Our Ecosystem features state-of-the-art visual aids and performance metrics, giving members instant feedback on their output and instructions on how to carry out each exercise. This automated technology means that coaches can focus on monitoring members, ensuring a more efficient and results-driven experience.
  • Ongoing support 24/7 | From conception to post-launch, we believe in an authentic, long-term partnership. Our support network is here to help your branch thrive, with the management team available to provide the necessary guidance to lead each studio franchise on the path to success.
  • In-house trainer accreditation | We offer in house simulated altitude training (SAT) and FTF training, which gives your trainers a substantial competitive advantage against the rest. Accreditation is nationally and internationally recognised.
  • The AirPac! | Equipped with everything you’ll need to set-up, launch and operate a successful Air Locker Training studio, the AirPac! delivers guidelines, how-to videos and manuals – you can be sure we have your back!
  • HQ marketing campaign | Air Locker Training HQ will ensure your brand is front and centre, taking your franchise on a strategic marketing journey. Removing the guesswork out of the process, our marketing method is about creating awareness, sparking conversation and driving action.

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The Air Locker Training AirPac! is the “all-you-need-to-know” guide to successfully establishing and growing your ALT franchise studio. The AirPac! includes resources and collateral across:

  • Admin & back office support
  • Equipment
  • Guidelines & manuals
  • Marketing & branding
  • Workouts
  • How-to videos

The All-Inclusive Eco System

The Air Locker Training Ecosystem is comprised of four fundamental divisions that co-exist to address each facet of our studio franchise model. With innovation at the centre of what we do, the Air Locker advantage is through our resources and technology. To understand how our Ecosystem works, you must have an understanding across:

  • Technology
  • Education
  • Our Product
  • Information

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When you buy an Air Locker Training studio franchise, you are provided with the following:

  • A tailored induction program where we take you on a step-by-step journey into Air Locker Training, as well as providing the necessary Accreditation to support.
  • Property selection support in which our dense network of like-minded professionals can assist in securing an ideal location for your franchise. 
  • Marketing support is provided with a tested and proven strategy to break-even and continue to identify lucrative sales and membership opportunities.
  • Launch & Open Day support where, hand in hand, we can assist in the successful opening of the studio, generating the right exposure.
  • Ongoing support is a part of our partnership, and we aim to connect with potential franchise owners and grow. Access to support and technology is available at all times.


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