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Air Locker Training - Altitude is for everyone


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HYBRID - Monday | Saturday

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Reach new heights with this UPPER BODY focused body toner and calorie burner workout that excites and stimulates for gains you’ll be proud of. Pair up and combine Boost, Form & Rep sets in this popular session.


The climb of your life! This workout combines boxing with cardio, cardio with cardio and resistance with cardio!! I think you can see the theme!! CARDIO!! This is a huge calorie burner with heaps of variety. Make sure you come prepared…see you at the top!

FOX Workotu


In Fox We Box! An Air Locker Training Favourite, this workout is designed to target the core, burn fat and increase fitness through boxing exercises. It doesn’t end there. This workout incorporates a variety of upper and lower body exercises to ensure a full-body experience, targeting muscles all over.


K2 has it all! A combination of boxing, core, functional movements and cardio o keep the heart rate and effort high! Begin your climb with this awesome altitude workout.


Hold onto your horses and armour up as we go into battle against those unwanted calories. Knights is an all-out FULL BODY assault where 9 Boost (cardio) and Form (resistance) combo sets await you on the battlefield where only the brave will survive. Get ready to charge!

RESISTANCE - Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

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Bruning Man

It’s a deep burn!!!! Burning man is all about REPS, REPS & more REPS. Highlighting proper form and technique, this 36-minute RESISTANCE workout can target a specific body part or a recruit mix of body parts but guarantees a deep burn resulting in lean toned muscles.


Ready to load up the legs? The sister class to Emerald, Diamonds is our original LOWER BODY strength workout and crowd favourite. This workout is all about building mind-muscle connection and true strength gains without sacrificing form and technique.


Our delicious Donuts workout is all about them BOOTY GAINS! 36 Minutes of Air Locker Training signature combination Boost, Rep & Form sets, all targeting your lower body. A great booty builder that tones your legs and maximises calorie burn, you’ll be tempted to try this workout!


Emerald is our original UPPER BODY strength and resistance workout and longtime community favourite. Focusing heavily on form and technique to build a strong foundation, this workout is all about strength gains and is enjoyed by novices and experienced trainers alike.


It’s time to step up and take the lead! Tripling down on each exercise, Heroes is a resistance-based workout that targets the UPPER BODY. We dare you – take the challenge and shape your body like your favourite superhero.

training for altitude


This is all about LEGS, LEGS & more LEGS. Just like sprinting up a steep hill, you’ll be put through your paces during this workout. Combining our signature Boost, Rep & Form sets together, Hills switches on your glutes, leaves your lower body humming and your heart pumping. This is an Air Locker Training original lower body FTF certified workout.


It’s time to climb! Faced with 16 stations, you’ll be paired up and ready to triple down on each exercise. Ladders is an awesome resistance-based workout targeting the LOWER BODY. With a strong foundation you can achieve anything.


Reach new heights with this UPPER BODY focused body toner and calorie burner workout that excites and stimulates for gains you’ll be proud of. Pair up and combine Boost, Form & Rep sets in this popular session.


Gainz Gainz Gainz!! Wonderland is a true strength session, targeting your UPPER BODY. You’ll have an opportunity to test your 3 repetition max (3RM) on various compound movements in this awesome altitude workout. It’s Wonderlandful!

CARDIO - Thursday | Friday

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The mystical Bermuda Triangle will take you to places you’ve never been! During Bermuda you face 7 tri-sets that are guaranteed to leave you feeling lost for air!! Mixing up power, strength and cardio this hybrid workout is our most fierce and challenging workout!

CROWNS Workout


This is a FULL BODY assault workout that will leave you feeling superior. Targeting all areas of your body with multifunctional exercises, you’ll have 36 minutes of heart pumping combination Boost, Rep and Form sets to keep you in great shape even on your days off.

Mexico City Workout

Mexico City

Just like Mexico City is known for its high altitude and dense population, this workout is designed to put the pressure on! Mimicking its thin oxygen levels, you will be pushing through this cardio focused workout consisting of 30 different stations to fire up your heart and burn unwanted calories for hours after your workout. An absolute crowd favourite.


Mixtape is a mix of all muscle groups and energy systems. You and your partner will consistently be hitting a Boost Set straight into a Form Set throughout the whole workout. Your metabolism and calorie burn after this workout will simply be through the roof. A true altitude effect!


Short in stature but huge is heart, this FUNCTIONAL based workout is simple but packs a huge punch. Shorty’s is designed to leave the whole body burning as you attack 9 functional exercises 4 times in row before moving on to the next.

altitude training gym

The Track

It’s time to hit The Track and break records. Combining coordination drills with a number of traditional track and field inspired movements, The Track is a well-rounded workout that ignites your body and brain. Your task will be to focus through the fatigue and execute, otherwise you’ll be left behind in the back of the field.

CORE - Coming Soon

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