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12th December 2019

Simulated Altitude Training: What is it all about and is it for me?

altitude training

Are you unsure as to how Simulated Altitude Training (SAT) can help you reach your fitness goals? Is all the workout jargon too tricky for you to comprehend? We are here to help you understand why we love Simulated Altitude Training (SAT) and why it is beneficial for just about ANYONE.

Many professional athletes have turned to Altitude Training to improve their performance, contributing to their fitness goals, making them healthy, fit and ready to tackle their lifestyle. Altitude Training gained its popularity after the Mexico Olympics in 1968. These games were held at an altitude of 3050m. The results of these games showed how people who came from high altitude nations performed well above their expectations in comparison to competitors from other countries who were disadvantaged by the thin air with low oxygen content. Since then, athletes have been training in altitude areas to gain extraordinary benefits.

Hypoxia (noun)

“Reduced or insufficient oxygen supply caused by reduced oxygen saturation of arterial blood, resulting in cardiovascular system adjustments to deliver more blood to tissues to compensate for reduced O2 delivery sensed by peripheral chemoreceptors” (Weir et al 2005)

Altitude training in a gym: why and how?

When you are training in high altitude areas, the air is ‘thinner’ and every breath taken delivers less of what working muscles require. When exercising in a hypoxic environment, your body produces more red blood cells to aid in oxygen delivery to the muscles. This is a form of environmental stress that heightens stimulus, in turn, assisting with improvement rates.

The integration of SAT in a gym environment provides a safe, non-invasive method of introducing a novel training stimulus for clients seeking a variety of exercise-based outcomes.

Altitude training techniques have been established to provide an ideal environment for weight loss, lean muscle development, anaerobic fitness and rehabilitation.

Here is a brief run-through of the benefits of Simulated Altitude Training when training in a gym:

  • Increased metabolism and increased fat loss
  • Improved fitness – both aerobic and anaerobic
  • Increase oxygen levels to muscles
  • Quicker recovery rate and rehabilitation via enhanced oxygen delivery to muscle

So, you are probably now thinking, how does this relate to me, and could it be beneficial for my fitness goals?

Yes, yes and yes. Altitude training in a gym is for everyone – absolutely EVERYONE!

These simulated environments help increase your resistance to fatigue, as well as increases the efficiency of your oxygen usage and energy sources during exercise. In simple terms, it makes your body work harder without actually working out longer.

Without getting all complicated, altitude training is not just limited to endurance-based performance but can also improve strength-based measures helping you gain more muscle, get fitter faster and maintain mobility.

The main message we want you to take from this is that Simulated Altitude Training is simply an excellent method of working out. By subjecting your body to a low oxygen environment stressor (in a controlled environment), altitude training has the potential to accelerate your training and push you to new heights.

Why haven’t I heard about simulated altitude training in a gym before?

Simulated Altitude Training has been used on athletes with the benefits being well tested and documented. However, the general population has not been able to benefit from it due to the lack of facilities available – until now.

Air Locker Training is bringing SAT to the forefront of exercise. It is showcasing the most effective workouts that the health and fitness industry has seen – all based on the most extensive scientific evidence and practical application.

Air Locker Training is changing the game as we know it. Combining the anatomy of the human body and the science of altitude training, our new workout exercises based on ‘Focus Through Fatigue (FTF)’ deliver scientifically proven workouts in a simulated altitude environment. Through a variety of 40-60 minute training sessions, Air Locker Training’s exercises are tailored and guarantee up to 30% greater results than a traditional workout.

It’s time to join the frenzy of Simulated Altitude Training and be a part of the next big thing. At Air Locker Training we guarantee results. Lose more fat, get fitter faster and gain more muscle. Transform your body and soul when you train with us at our Newcastle gym.

If you are interested in opening an Air Locker Training franchise and be a part of the nations most revolutionary workouts, download our Franchise Pack and learn more.



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