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17th December 2019

Hey you! Are you considering investing in a gym franchise?

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Simulated Altitude Training (SAT). You’ve heard about it – but don’t know much about it. We are here to tell everything you need to know about altitude chambers and their effectiveness in a gym setting.

According to Statista, we have seen an increase in investment in the fitness industry between 2018-19. As Australians are becoming more health-conscious, fitter and more concerned with their wellbeing, the gym industry has seen steady growth over the last 5 years, denoting the fact (yes, fact), that investing in a gym franchise provides lucrative incentives.

Air Locker Training utilises SAT in its workouts. We have devised a commercial environment, exclusive to us, which presents the science of altitude training through new workout exercises based on ‘Focus Through Fatigue (FTF).’

As a franchise owner with ALT, you will be supported by and provided with:

  • Industry-exclusive machinery
  • Technology 
  • Ongoing support 24/7
  • In-house trainer accreditation
  • The AirPac!
  • HQ marketing campaign

7 benefits of buying an Air Locker Training gym franchise

1 – Unique workout environments: Our Simulated Altitude Training chambers involves reducing the amount of oxygen in the room to imitate the natural altitude environment. This is the point of difference SAT training offers in comparison to regular training. No other form of training will offer you a reduction in oxygen levels – this can be used as a USP.

2 – Completely safe: At Air Locker Training, our commercial setting provides a safe, non-invasive method of introducing a novel training stimulus for clients seeking a variety of exercise-based outcomes that include improved body composition, muscle hypertrophy, endurance and improved overall functional capacity.

3 – Flexible conditions: Most Simulated Altitude Training chambers set the environment between 2500m to 3500m, enabling quality results while in a safe environment. This chamber can be altered depending on the intensity you require and can handle.

4 – Constant monitoring: At Air Locker Training we monitor your response to the workout and take out the guesswork of training. We monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and caloric expenditure during every workout to provide immediate feedback during the workout. We monitor your workout in realtime and have visual demonstrations of each workout for members to accompany the guidance and motivation provided by our awesome staff.

5 – All-inclusive ecosystem: The Air Locker Training Ecosystem is comprised of four fundamental divisions (technology, education, our product, information) that co-exist to address each facet of our franchise model. With innovation at the centre of what we do, the Air Locker advantage is through our resources and technology.

6 – Great for recovery: Simulated Altitude Training environments allow for the maintenance of cardiovascular fitness with lower musculoskeletal load, speeding up the recovery process after injury. Altitude training has been integrated into athlete preparation and rehabilitation strategies for the past five decades by elite endurance athletes, to improve performance.

7 – Scientifically proven: One of the significant benefits of training in a Simulated Altitude environment is improved fat loss and improved cardiovascular health. It also allows your patrons to optimise the post-exercise fat burning effect with 20% longer excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) than any other training method. Yes, all of this (and more), backed by science, meaning your clients see REAL RESULTS.

Do you want ‘in’ on owning an Air Locker Training franchise? Learn more about our gym franchise options here, or browse through our website to learn more about Air Locker Training and how we like to do things. We’re waiting… request a franchise pack today. 




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