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15th August 2019

Bringing the Mountains to the Masses

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Over the course of history, mountain climbing has been seen as an adventure, thrill and milestone. Training for a mountain climb is essential in preparing your mind and body for the high altitudes that come with the real deal, and it has never been for the faint at heart.
Training at altitudes has also been the secret for elite athletes, Olympians and even armed forces. The method is scientifically proven to enhance performance and train the body in more advanced ways than conventional performance – allowing for a competitive advantage thanks to the vigour, stamina and strength that comes with it.
At Air Locker Training, we have recognised this and our objective was to bring to the masses. Our trainers have seen first hand the exceptional results and performance of those who train at altitudes when preparing for battle or matches, and what better what to allow accessibility than to commercialise it?
By metaphorically bringing the mountains to the masses, individuals who train in our “chambers” are in an environment that feels as though they are at a mountain peak. The environment, with less oxygen, allows for a more enhanced performance as the body is forced to adapt to its surroundings – either fight or flight.
Through altitude training, this peak performance means:

→ individuals can burn up to 25% more calories
→ greater than 300% EPOC is achieved during and after workouts
→ over 28% higher resting metabolic rate

Besides these abundant advantages, Air Locker Training promotes group training through tailored sessions based on fitness objectives. Through group fitness, members can enjoy:

→ training in an environment of likeminded people who together, want to achieve health and fitness goals
→ Fitness Through Fatigue – our customised workout methodology to give real results, in a quicker time
→ a shared passion to succeed and motivate one another in a supportive network
→ trainers who care about progress and oversee classes, as well as individuals, to the best of their ability.

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