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9th December 2019

4 reasons why Simulated Altitude Training (SAT) with Air Locker Training is an effective way to train

benefits of altitude training

Air Locker Training has introduced a whole new approach to exercise in Australia. With a philosophy that is as simple as delivering “the complete workout(s)” based on scientific evidence and practical application, Air Locker Training is making its mark on the fitness industry.

“The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.”

Air Locker Training provides the everyday Australian with a health and fitness facility in a Simulated Altitude Training (SAT) environment. This ‘Simulated Altitude Training (SAT)’ situation may seem too complicated to understand. However, you have to trust us when we say there is no better way to train. The integration of SAT in a commercial or gym setting provides you with a safe environment, allowing you to reach a variety of your exercise-based goals.

The critical component to the Air Locker Training system relates to the reduced availability of oxygen during your workout. Forcing your body to adapt to lesser oxygen, the natural reaction is to work in ‘overdrive’ to continue to provide oxygen to the muscles that are working during exercise.

Yes, we are here to boast about the benefits of SAT and how it is going to transform your mind, body and spirit! Here’s why you need to get yourself off the couch and into the Air Locker Training gym:

  1. The science behind simulated altitude training in a gym:Simulated Altitude Training takes your training to new heights – literally. Our chamber is designed to mimic the effects of training at high altitudes with less oxygen in the air. With the drop in oxygen, the kidneys are triggered to produce erythropoietin the hormone required for red blood cell production. The increase in red blood cells enhances the body’s ability to extract and deliver oxygen to muscles and organs, offering increase endurance, performance and strength outcomes.

    The main reason why high altitude training is super beneficial is that it helps you lose weight fast and build lean, strong muscles with decreased recovery times. With Air Locker Training you will burn more calories in every training session with 20% greater calorie expenditure. So, if you are looking for an all-in-one training solution, simulated high altitude training in a gym is the only way to go.

  2. Fun, passionate and knowledgeable trainers: At Air Locker Training, our experienced staff have developed specialised strength and conditioning models that provide a comprehensive training method for members. Our staff are committed to managing each member, providing them with long-term health and well-being solutions. Our passionate team have the knowledge, skills and love for health and fitness, which is what will help you push through every training session.

  3. Not one, but many different training classes: Offering a variety of training classes, we ensure a solution for your differing needs. We provide individualised altitude training in a group environment as we believe that one size never fits all, especially when it comes to results-based training. Some examples are as below – but we have many many more.

    • Mexico City: this training session mimicks thin oxygen levels, where you will be pushing through a core and activation focused workout as a team.

    • The Track: this workout is the ultimate calories conquerer. The track will have you running around a path where your heart rate and legs will begin to feel the pressure.

    • Fox: this workout targets the core, burns fat and increases fitness through boxing exercises.

    • Hills: this workout will have you focusing on the lower body and abs, designed to tone your legs, switch on your glutes and activate your core.

    • Crowns: targeting all parts of the body with multifunctional exercises, drop sets and signature boost sets

    • Phoenix: this workout focuses on both your chest and back creating a workout that develops great posture and improves upper body strength – all in one!

  4. Group training: Air Locker Training facilities provide you with different themed altitude training group workouts daily running all day – morning, afternoon and evening. These group sessions help you and others with similar goals stay motivated and perform to a higher level. The group training sessions at Air Locker place the trainer in control, helping motivate the group to reach their fitness goals. Each group session is kept at a capped size, allowing the trainer to understand each individuals’ goals and needs so that everyone walks away from one step closer to achieving their goal.

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