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The Benefits of Altitude Training Paired with a Healthy Diet

Exercise and a healthy diet go hand-in-hand just like peanut butter and celery sticks. Similarly, the benefits of high altitude training paired with a healthy exercise will have you reaping the benefits. According to Shawn M. Talbott PhD, nutritional biochemist – ‘as a rule of thumb, weight loss is generally 75% diet and 25% exercise’. Yes, you can, in fact, lose weight with diet alone, but exercise is an important component in order to remain healthy and build muscle.

When it comes to achieving your health and wellness goals, whether weight loss or just heightened energy levels, the correlation between the two is a key component – for mind, body and spirit. It is very difficult to achieve long-term health goals without implementing both personal fitness and nutrition. Think about it this way, imagine eating McDonald’s every day and then sweating it out in the gym for 2 hours. It just doesn’t make sense. It’s all about adopting a healthy lifestyle. In order to achieve your fitness goals, you should eat better and actively engage in exercise.

Eat Smart – you will see the benefits of high altitude training!

A healthy diet isn’t necessarily about cutting out all the things you love or eating one meal a day. A healthy diet is about eating smarter. You can actually eat most of your favourite foods and still get fit – however, the key is that you must understand your body’s nutritional needs and more importantly when your body needs nutrition. A good nutrition plan paired along with altitude training will improve your mental and physical well being in your everyday life. It is not just about looking good, it’s also about feeling good.

It’s quite simple. You could be exercising five days a week, but if your calorie intake is higher than your energy expenditure, no matter what you do – you will not lose weight. It is important to note that you cannot expect to see great results if either your diet or exercise routine are lacking.

Why is a healthy diet so important?

Exercise and recovery are important for building muscle and reaching your fitness goals. But, without a healthy and nutritional diet, you won’t be able to see much improvement. Your muscles need enough energy and protein to grow! Well-balanced and portioned meals are also important in order to maintain weight and achieve the body you’ve always wanted. The benefits of altitude training paired with a healthy diet is incomparable. However, it is important that you are eating RIGHT. The three main energy nutrients are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. These three components are crucial for attaining top results. Carbohydrates are an important source of energy as they provide ‘fuel’ for our brain and muscles. Protein is great for muscle build-up and fats contain essential fatty acids which should be consumed in small amounts.

It is also crucial that you are drinking enough water when undertaking high altitude training, otherwise, you may not see the benefits. Our bodies are made up of 60% water and without enough liquids, our body cannot make efficient use of all nutrients.

Recognise the benefits of high altitude training with the right nutrients
Sweet potatoes 
  • High in carbohydrates – help replenish your muscles
  • Low in glycemic index – don’t cause a quick spike in your blood sugar
  • Loaded with fibre, vitamins and minerals
Greek Yoghurt
  • High in protein and natural glucose – perfect for building muscle
  • Filled with all the essential amino acids
  • Easier to digest, in turn, supporting muscle growth
  • Good source of calcium – needed for muscle contraction and signalling
  • High in protein, fibre, carbohydrates, magnesium and iron
  • Contains all the essential amino acids making it a complete protein source and an excellent choice for strong muscles 
Almond butter
  • An efficient protein source
  • A healthy dose of fats, carbohydrates and glucose
  • Contain important antioxidant vitamin E, which helps protect against cell damage
  • Concentrated source of vitamin B12 – plays an important role in red blood cell production and muscle contraction
  • Great source of protein
  • An abundant source of natural glucose, beneficial carbohydrates and plentiful fibre
  • Polyphenols found in apples help you not only gain muscle strength but burn fat as well
What are other benefits of high altitude training?

When you train at high altitude areas, the air is much thinner and every breath taken delivers less of what working muscles require. High altitude training techniques have been established to provide an ideal environment for weight loss, lean muscle development, anaerobic fitness and rehabilitation.

The benefits of simulated altitude training:

  • Increased metabolism and increased fat loss
  • Improved fitness
  • Quicker recovery rate and rehabilitation
  • Burn more calories with every session with 20% greater calorie expenditure
  • Optimise the post-exercise fat burning effect by 20%

In saying this, simply incorporating high altitude training within your daily routine is not going to transform your body. It is all about incorporating a good nutritional plan that can complement your personal fitness regiment. No two bodies are the same! If you are unsure how to impart good habits into your daily diet, you can talk to one of the personal trainers at Air Locker Training or consider talking with a nutrition expert!

Do you want to reach your health and fitness goals this year? Try Air Locker Training today. Our professional trainers understand the correlation between physical and mental wellbeing for everyone, with the intention to help you reach your goals.

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Do You Want to Open an Air Locker Training Gym Franchise in Australia?

The health and fitness industry is certainly booming in Australia! With the population increasingly worried about their long-term wellbeing. Many Australians are rising to health consciousness and are worried about their overall health and fitness.

“Health consciousness has increased over the past five years, with consumers becoming more aware of the benefits of physical activity.”

Franchising in the fitness industry has become very popular in recent years with many people wanting to hop on into this trending industry. Some of the factors driving the fitness franchise marketplace include:

  • Fighting obesity
  • Health-conscious individuals
  • Overall interest fitness
  • Well-being and social elements

“The Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) is the peak body for the $182 billion franchise sector in Australia, representing franchisees, franchisors and service providers to the sector.”

So, why should you open an Air Locker Gym Franchise in Australia? Air Locker Training (ALT) is changing the game in the fitness industry, combining the anatomy of the human body and the science of altitude training to provide people with a complete body workout.

Help bring Air Locker Training to the streets of Australia and transform the way people train.

Why is Air Locker Training so special? The philosophy of training is simple – delivering the most complete workouts the health and fitness industry has seen through comprehensive scientific evidence and practical application. ALT provides Australians with the option of group and individualised training session in a simulated altitude environment. This type of training is unique, beneficial and uplifts people’s spirits, body’s and minds.

Air Locker Training ensures you are not left alone. As a franchise owner, ALT supports you every step of the way. When you choose to open an ALT gym franchise in Australia, you will be supported by:

  • Industry-exclusive machinery: ALT ensures each franchisee is a specifically designed, engineered and manufactured altitude unit – exclusively produced for ALT franchisees only.

  • Technology: our ALT chambers feature state-of-the-art visual aids and performance metrics, providing members with instant feedback on their output and instruction on how to carry out each exercise. This allows coaches to focus on monitoring members, ensuring an efficient and results-driven experience.

  • Ongoing 24/7 support: ALT provides franchisees with a long-term support network helping from conception to post-launch. Our management team is available to provide the necessary guidance to lead each franchise on the path to success.

  • In-house trainer accreditation: we offer in house SAT and FTF training – giving your trainers with a competitive advantage over the rest. This is nationally and internationally recognised.

  • The AirPac: this provides franchisees with everything they need to set up, launch and operate a successful ALT studio. The AirPac provides you with everything you’ll need to know, packed with guidelines, how-to videos and manuals.

  • HQ marketing campaign: ALT HQ will ensure your brand is front and centre – taking your franchise on a strategic marketing journey. Taking the guesswork out of the process, our marketing method is about creating awareness, sparking conversation and driving action.

At ALT we make it easy for you to open a gym franchise. Providing you with support from the beginning right through to the end. We provide you with a tailored induction program, property selection support, marketing support, launch, open day and ongoing support. ALT does not leave your side.

Want to be a part of something special?

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Buy a gym franchise

Hey you! Are you considering investing in a gym franchise?

Simulated Altitude Training (SAT). You’ve heard about it – but don’t know much about it. We are here to tell everything you need to know about altitude chambers and their effectiveness in a gym setting.

According to Statista, we have seen an increase in investment in the fitness industry between 2018-19. As Australians are becoming more health-conscious, fitter and more concerned with their wellbeing, the gym industry has seen steady growth over the last 5 years, denoting the fact (yes, fact), that investing in a gym franchise provides lucrative incentives.

Air Locker Training utilises SAT in its workouts. We have devised a commercial environment, exclusive to us, which presents the science of altitude training through new workout exercises based on ‘Focus Through Fatigue (FTF).’

As a franchise owner with ALT, you will be supported by and provided with:

  • Industry-exclusive machinery
  • Technology 
  • Ongoing support 24/7
  • In-house trainer accreditation
  • The AirPac!
  • HQ marketing campaign

7 benefits of buying an Air Locker Training gym franchise

1 – Unique workout environments: Our Simulated Altitude Training chambers involves reducing the amount of oxygen in the room to imitate the natural altitude environment. This is the point of difference SAT training offers in comparison to regular training. No other form of training will offer you a reduction in oxygen levels – this can be used as a USP.

2 – Completely safe: At Air Locker Training, our commercial setting provides a safe, non-invasive method of introducing a novel training stimulus for clients seeking a variety of exercise-based outcomes that include improved body composition, muscle hypertrophy, endurance and improved overall functional capacity.

3 – Flexible conditions: Most Simulated Altitude Training chambers set the environment between 2500m to 3500m, enabling quality results while in a safe environment. This chamber can be altered depending on the intensity you require and can handle.

4 – Constant monitoring: At Air Locker Training we monitor your response to the workout and take out the guesswork of training. We monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and caloric expenditure during every workout to provide immediate feedback during the workout. We monitor your workout in realtime and have visual demonstrations of each workout for members to accompany the guidance and motivation provided by our awesome staff.

5 – All-inclusive ecosystem: The Air Locker Training Ecosystem is comprised of four fundamental divisions (technology, education, our product, information) that co-exist to address each facet of our franchise model. With innovation at the centre of what we do, the Air Locker advantage is through our resources and technology.

6 – Great for recovery: Simulated Altitude Training environments allow for the maintenance of cardiovascular fitness with lower musculoskeletal load, speeding up the recovery process after injury. Altitude training has been integrated into athlete preparation and rehabilitation strategies for the past five decades by elite endurance athletes, to improve performance.

7 – Scientifically proven: One of the significant benefits of training in a Simulated Altitude environment is improved fat loss and improved cardiovascular health. It also allows your patrons to optimise the post-exercise fat burning effect with 20% longer excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) than any other training method. Yes, all of this (and more), backed by science, meaning your clients see REAL RESULTS.

Do you want ‘in’ on owning an Air Locker Training franchise? Learn more about our gym franchise options here, or browse through our website to learn more about Air Locker Training and how we like to do things. We’re waiting… request a franchise pack today. 


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Simulated Altitude Training: What is it all about and is it for me?

Are you unsure as to how Simulated Altitude Training (SAT) can help you reach your fitness goals? Is all the workout jargon too tricky for you to comprehend? We are here to help you understand why we love Simulated Altitude Training (SAT) and why it is beneficial for just about ANYONE.

Many professional athletes have turned to Altitude Training to improve their performance, contributing to their fitness goals, making them healthy, fit and ready to tackle their lifestyle. Altitude Training gained its popularity after the Mexico Olympics in 1968. These games were held at an altitude of 3050m. The results of these games showed how people who came from high altitude nations performed well above their expectations in comparison to competitors from other countries who were disadvantaged by the thin air with low oxygen content. Since then, athletes have been training in altitude areas to gain extraordinary benefits.

Hypoxia (noun)

“Reduced or insufficient oxygen supply caused by reduced oxygen saturation of arterial blood, resulting in cardiovascular system adjustments to deliver more blood to tissues to compensate for reduced O2 delivery sensed by peripheral chemoreceptors” (Weir et al 2005)

Altitude training in a gym: why and how?

When you are training in high altitude areas, the air is ‘thinner’ and every breath taken delivers less of what working muscles require. When exercising in a hypoxic environment, your body produces more red blood cells to aid in oxygen delivery to the muscles. This is a form of environmental stress that heightens stimulus, in turn, assisting with improvement rates.

The integration of SAT in a gym environment provides a safe, non-invasive method of introducing a novel training stimulus for clients seeking a variety of exercise-based outcomes.

Altitude training techniques have been established to provide an ideal environment for weight loss, lean muscle development, anaerobic fitness and rehabilitation.

Here is a brief run-through of the benefits of Simulated Altitude Training when training in a gym:

  • Increased metabolism and increased fat loss
  • Improved fitness – both aerobic and anaerobic
  • Increase oxygen levels to muscles
  • Quicker recovery rate and rehabilitation via enhanced oxygen delivery to muscle

So, you are probably now thinking, how does this relate to me, and could it be beneficial for my fitness goals?

Yes, yes and yes. Altitude training in a gym is for everyone – absolutely EVERYONE!

These simulated environments help increase your resistance to fatigue, as well as increases the efficiency of your oxygen usage and energy sources during exercise. In simple terms, it makes your body work harder without actually working out longer.

Without getting all complicated, altitude training is not just limited to endurance-based performance but can also improve strength-based measures helping you gain more muscle, get fitter faster and maintain mobility.

The main message we want you to take from this is that Simulated Altitude Training is simply an excellent method of working out. By subjecting your body to a low oxygen environment stressor (in a controlled environment), altitude training has the potential to accelerate your training and push you to new heights.

Why haven’t I heard about simulated altitude training in a gym before?

Simulated Altitude Training has been used on athletes with the benefits being well tested and documented. However, the general population has not been able to benefit from it due to the lack of facilities available – until now.

Air Locker Training is bringing SAT to the forefront of exercise. It is showcasing the most effective workouts that the health and fitness industry has seen – all based on the most extensive scientific evidence and practical application.

Air Locker Training is changing the game as we know it. Combining the anatomy of the human body and the science of altitude training, our new workout exercises based on ‘Focus Through Fatigue (FTF)’ deliver scientifically proven workouts in a simulated altitude environment. Through a variety of 40-60 minute training sessions, Air Locker Training’s exercises are tailored and guarantee up to 30% greater results than a traditional workout.

It’s time to join the frenzy of Simulated Altitude Training and be a part of the next big thing. At Air Locker Training we guarantee results. Lose more fat, get fitter faster and gain more muscle. Transform your body and soul when you train with us at our Newcastle gym.

If you are interested in opening an Air Locker Training franchise and be a part of the nations most revolutionary workouts, download our Franchise Pack and learn more.

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4 reasons why Simulated Altitude Training (SAT) with Air Locker Training is an effective way to train

Air Locker Training has introduced a whole new approach to exercise in Australia. With a philosophy that is as simple as delivering “the complete workout(s)” based on scientific evidence and practical application, Air Locker Training is making its mark on the fitness industry.

“The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.”

Air Locker Training provides the everyday Australian with a health and fitness facility in a Simulated Altitude Training (SAT) environment. This ‘Simulated Altitude Training (SAT)’ situation may seem too complicated to understand. However, you have to trust us when we say there is no better way to train. The integration of SAT in a commercial or gym setting provides you with a safe environment, allowing you to reach a variety of your exercise-based goals.

The critical component to the Air Locker Training system relates to the reduced availability of oxygen during your workout. Forcing your body to adapt to lesser oxygen, the natural reaction is to work in ‘overdrive’ to continue to provide oxygen to the muscles that are working during exercise.

Yes, we are here to boast about the benefits of SAT and how it is going to transform your mind, body and spirit! Here’s why you need to get yourself off the couch and into the Air Locker Training gym:

  1. The science behind simulated altitude training in a gym:Simulated Altitude Training takes your training to new heights – literally. Our chamber is designed to mimic the effects of training at high altitudes with less oxygen in the air. With the drop in oxygen, the kidneys are triggered to produce erythropoietin the hormone required for red blood cell production. The increase in red blood cells enhances the body’s ability to extract and deliver oxygen to muscles and organs, offering increase endurance, performance and strength outcomes.

    The main reason why high altitude training is super beneficial is that it helps you lose weight fast and build lean, strong muscles with decreased recovery times. With Air Locker Training you will burn more calories in every training session with 20% greater calorie expenditure. So, if you are looking for an all-in-one training solution, simulated high altitude training in a gym is the only way to go.

  2. Fun, passionate and knowledgeable trainers: At Air Locker Training, our experienced staff have developed specialised strength and conditioning models that provide a comprehensive training method for members. Our staff are committed to managing each member, providing them with long-term health and well-being solutions. Our passionate team have the knowledge, skills and love for health and fitness, which is what will help you push through every training session.

  3. Not one, but many different training classes: Offering a variety of training classes, we ensure a solution for your differing needs. We provide individualised altitude training in a group environment as we believe that one size never fits all, especially when it comes to results-based training. Some examples are as below – but we have many many more.

    • Mexico City: this training session mimicks thin oxygen levels, where you will be pushing through a core and activation focused workout as a team.

    • The Track: this workout is the ultimate calories conquerer. The track will have you running around a path where your heart rate and legs will begin to feel the pressure.

    • Fox: this workout targets the core, burns fat and increases fitness through boxing exercises.

    • Hills: this workout will have you focusing on the lower body and abs, designed to tone your legs, switch on your glutes and activate your core.

    • Crowns: targeting all parts of the body with multifunctional exercises, drop sets and signature boost sets

    • Phoenix: this workout focuses on both your chest and back creating a workout that develops great posture and improves upper body strength – all in one!

  4. Group training: Air Locker Training facilities provide you with different themed altitude training group workouts daily running all day – morning, afternoon and evening. These group sessions help you and others with similar goals stay motivated and perform to a higher level. The group training sessions at Air Locker place the trainer in control, helping motivate the group to reach their fitness goals. Each group session is kept at a capped size, allowing the trainer to understand each individuals’ goals and needs so that everyone walks away from one step closer to achieving their goal.

For more information about joining the Air Locker Training family, click here.

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Air Locker Training welcomes its first Studio in Newcastle

After much anticipation, the team at Air Locker Training opened their flagship studio in New South Wales’ Newcastle region. The Studio opening came after much anticipation from a community of friends, family and locals who awaited this “next big thing in fitness” with eagerness and excitement. Being the first commercial gym of its kind, Air Locker Training promises members to take them on a new workout journey through simulated altitude training.

Founded by a team of like-minded business professionals and above all, fitness enthusiasts, Air Locker Training bases its technique on scientific, evidence-based research. Their point of difference? That it is open and accessible to all.

CEO and Founder, Roman Brady, embraced the opening, commenting:
“We are so excited to finally open our doors and hearts to the community. After years in the making, our vision has come to fruition and it is so thrilling to see the warm welcome and support we have received so far. I am passionate about fitness, passionate about health and passionate about bringing people together in ways they can share common grounds. I have no doubt that it’s only uphill from here and big things are coming for Air Locker Training.”

The grand opening was celebrated with an Open Day, inviting the whole community to visit the Studio, meet the team, learn about our workouts and membership packages, and most excitedly… trial a session for free!

Newcastle marked the beginning of a string of Studios across New South Wales and Australia, soon to be opening.

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Air Locker Training x MAXIM – a Collaboration and Celebration

Soon after Air Locker Training’s first Studio opening in Newcastle, the team proudly represented themselves as major sponsors of MAXIM Australia’s 8th birthday. The celebrations took place in Sydney’s hottest and chic spot, Flamingo, in the City’s suburb of Double Bay. With press, media and communications professionals, Air Locker Training was pleased to not only celebrate a milestone for MAXIM Australia, but to welcome coverage about the opening of their newest location. With simulated altitude training being a novel form of training, the evening allowed for great exposure and awareness into the future of fitness.

The VIP event saw tv personalities, athletes and models show up to the hottest party of the year for an evening of exclusivity and entertainment. Making their debut, Air Locker Training was above all proud to see their blue and white colours across the venue – welcoming guests with their branding across the media wall, a balloon arch and promotional videos from the highly successful Newcastle Open Day.

The team thanks all for their support and once again, Happy Birthday MAXIM Australia!

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Bringing the Mountains to the Masses

Over the course of history, mountain climbing has been seen as an adventure, thrill and milestone. Training for a mountain climb is essential in preparing your mind and body for the high altitudes that come with the real deal, and it has never been for the faint at heart.
Training at altitudes has also been the secret for elite athletes, Olympians and even armed forces. The method is scientifically proven to enhance performance and train the body in more advanced ways than conventional performance – allowing for a competitive advantage thanks to the vigour, stamina and strength that comes with it.
At Air Locker Training, we have recognised this and our objective was to bring to the masses. Our trainers have seen first hand the exceptional results and performance of those who train at altitudes when preparing for battle or matches, and what better what to allow accessibility than to commercialise it?
By metaphorically bringing the mountains to the masses, individuals who train in our “chambers” are in an environment that feels as though they are at a mountain peak. The environment, with less oxygen, allows for a more enhanced performance as the body is forced to adapt to its surroundings – either fight or flight.
Through altitude training, this peak performance means:

→ individuals can burn up to 25% more calories
→ greater than 300% EPOC is achieved during and after workouts
→ over 28% higher resting metabolic rate

Besides these abundant advantages, Air Locker Training promotes group training through tailored sessions based on fitness objectives. Through group fitness, members can enjoy:

→ training in an environment of likeminded people who together, want to achieve health and fitness goals
→ Fitness Through Fatigue – our customised workout methodology to give real results, in a quicker time
→ a shared passion to succeed and motivate one another in a supportive network
→ trainers who care about progress and oversee classes, as well as individuals, to the best of their ability.

Experience the ultimate altitude environment with Air Locker Training