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The air we breathe at sea-level is made up of mostly nitrogen (78%), a smaller amount of oxygen (21%), as well as a mixture of other gases, liquids and solids.

Why do you need to know this? Simulated Altitude Training – commonly referred to as SAT – is a training method that involves the level of these gases by exercising in an environment with lower oxygen levels. This is achieved using an oxygen chamber that purposely reduces the amount of oxygen in the room, similar to that of being on a mountain at a higher altitude.

When you are working out in an altitude training environment, the air is ‘thinner’ and every breath taken delivers less of what working muscles require. Believe it or not, it is then that the human body works the hardest as it is forced to enhance the way it uses oxygen to produce energy. This boosts our body’s efficiency, improving the way our heart and lungs function, enhancing our performance.


Air Locker Training is entirely safe and non-invasive, helping you reach your health, fitness and wellbeing goals. High altitude training assists with fat loss, body composition, muscle endurance and more. Air Locker Training is the perfect high-intensity workout strategy for anyone, and everyone, who is seeking REAL results. When you are training with us, you are taking yourself to new heights.

When you are training at a higher ‘altitude,’ your body operates more efficiently and effectively. We believe results should not be constrained to be physical but also mental, emotional and psychological. This means that in addition to seeing results, you will also be able to feel them. A proven way to train for shorter periods with less impact on your body, you can achieve a significant number of benefits while training at our exclusive high altitude studio.

With multiple themed workouts available, Air Locker Training is a game-changer… for EVERYONE.


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